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Speaking of “gerontophilia”, I came across this website that lists all the “-philias”: An interesting read…

chrematistophilia, chrematistophily: A sexual perversion in which the necessary condition is that the relationship with the partner be on a monetary basis: the partner must charge the “client” or otherwise force him or her to pay for sex, or must “rob” or “blackmail” him or her.The term is sometimes broadened to include sellers as well as clients, e.g. “compulsive” hustlers, prostitutes, and sexual blackmailers [so long as such activity is needed for their own sexual arousal and is not just their way of making money].

chromulithophile, chromulithophilist: A collector of music-title pages.

And my favourites_

cisoriaphilist: A collector of scissors.

clyvesophile, clyvesophily: A collector of mugs.

Hilarious. HAPPY VALENTINE’s Day