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I really like the tone of red — a weird kind of terracotta — coming through the washed out aqua. It’s quite unexpected but works. The dirty greeny-yellow of the window blind in the second picture makes the mix even more interesting. Its just one of many unusual colour combinations that I came across on my recent trip to the Motherland. Every corner you turned down held a new surprise. Beautiful.


I’m sure I’ve raised a few looks recently as I snapped away at pavements. For some reason I’m turned on by plastic. Not in a sexual, deviant kind of way! Nothing wrong with that, mind you… Inspiration can come from anywhere but I’m not even sure that I’m inspired by these images. Intrigued may be a better word.

There’s something about the texture and shapes of these discarded bunches of plastic and industrial wrapping that have drawn me as of late. There’s been a lot of synthetic around recently. Balenciaga’s last two collections have really pushed the idea. And let’s not forget the weird Noah’s Ark goes to Shanghai Louis Vuitton summer collection. This is different, somehow. Its more about context and contrast. Organic shapes crafted out of the synthetic. Free-form. Not sure what it all means yet but I’m already joining dots with Guy Bourdin’s photograph of Yves Saint Laurent’s collection in the September 1976 issue of Paris Vogue.

Who know’s where this will lead. Or maybe its a summary of the season to come. Maybe its just plain weird and repulsive. F*ck knows.

Some photographs I took back in the summer. I liked the shadows cast on the stairs. The sort of zig zag. And the intense red of the door.


One of my favourite colours. Strong, intense and bloody.

I guess its an ode to Kertesz, the great photographer, on whom I shall do a post shortly. Been meaning to do that for ages.

As you’ve noticed tweaked things a bit. New background colour. Deep, slate GREY. Another of my favourites. I like the way it makes the images pop a bit more. Let’s see how long this lasts. Will probably get bored of it before long!

More random textures from My Great Archive Of Really Terrible Pics. No connection that I can think of apart from them feeling right.

Let’s sea, sorry see. The burnt down pier on Brighton beach, the Lady stood outside my window one evening casting a ghoulish shadow, a target drawn on tarmac and a bricolage hodge-podge fence. Like I said, no connection whatsoever_