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OK. There are enough street style blogs out there — who knew the streets were so stylish? Note to self: GO OUT MORE! Not to worry; things aren’t about to change round these parts. So he says before going all Hanneli on yo ass!

However, in response to my previous tut-tutting at Mr Jacobs-Louis — there goes my chance of ever working for him, ah, well!! — I thought I’d share with you these pictures of my cousin. Gorgeous, isn’t she? And the dress!!!  As fresh and cooling as a tall glass of something naughty by the pool. You know, its amazing how something so simple, easy and not at all expensive can pack such a punch. Just a printed cotton dress. Amazing print, though.

I was just totally inspired by her natural sense of ease and style. No air-brushing or knowing, I’m-gonna-do-my -best-Freja pose. No terrible weaves [check out Zina Saro-Wiwa’s inspiring piece for the New York Times on the subject of black women “Transitioning” to natural hair. Click here], no make up, hair beautifully sculpted into a bun, minimum accessories — you can just about make out her printed canvas bag which contrasts beautifully with the blues.


It does make you wonder, doesn’t it? Enjoy_