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Double take_

A friend sent me the link to Sam O’hare’s short film, The Sandpit. At first I thought I was viewing an incredibly realised model reproduction of New York. And then the penny dropped. This was New York – real, pulsing, alive. 35,000 photographic stills were taken to create the film which records the events of a day in the city from a bird’s eye view. A labour of love if there ever was one. There’s something about the perspective and use of light that gives the impression of looking at models. It invokes childhood memories of Lego, toy railways. Hypnotic, naive and clever.

You can view the film at:


In a way the piece reminds me of Thomas Demand’s photographs [click here to view my post on the photographer.] Whereby O’Hare creates a hyper-unreal version of the real, Demand does the opposite with his hyper-real photographs of precisely assembled paper models. They both walk the thin, grey line between fantasy and actuality. Both equally engaging.

From Thomas Demand’s Nationalgalerie

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