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Oooh, er!

What’s this? Oh, Natalie you are such a clever girl!!! And you didn’t even let on in your refreshingly frank interview in my current fave rag mag, Industrie. This looks so sexy. Finally, we boys have something to while away lunch breaks and drool over. This could quite possibly be the most revolutionary thing to happen in menswear for quite some time. Fashion girls love to shop. We all know that but boys love to do so just as much as girls, if not more... We’re all Bitches in Cloth at the end of the day. Don’t disappoint, Mrs. Massenet. We boys can be very picky…


ps. Some advice on pronuciation. Do we por-ter or por-tay?

Pound shops. Don’t you just love ’em? Everything on sale for just a pound – ish. They always seem to have just what you’re looking for.

The other evening I was walking along Hoxton Street when I noticed a crowd of people stood outside a shop, knocking back the vino, chatting, laughing, carrying gaudy paper bags. Another art gallery, I thought. I was kind of right. It turns out that it was the opening night of The Poundshop, a pop up store that sells everything for a pound – posters, cards, screen-printed note books and other nice little things done by the creative East London set. Not your typical pound shop, then!

Its a great concept organised by HOUSEHOLD. Just when you thought that you’d pop a vessel if you saw yet another pop up store. I especially loved the “till” – sheets of paper with photographs of the objects that the cashier marked off after each sale. A bit like noughts and crosses. Clever. I walked away with a couple of posters and some cutlery dipped in primary-coloured rubber. Borderline naff but I just thought, Breakfast in a sun-filled kitchen. Ah, domestic bliss! They would have been quite Margiela Homewear if they’d been dipped in white. Mind you, I saw one of the Margiela wine bottle lamps the other day. €450.00! No way! No f*cking way! Well, maybe…

The Pound Shop, Hoxton Street. Open till Monday