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I think I’ll make my flight on Monday, after all. But let’s not get too hasty and tempt fate. Tempting fate seems to be a special talent of mine but never for good things, mind you…

What better way to celebrate than a digital skyline, courtesy of my transfer cache on Vuze? Rev up ’em engines, baby! This little birdie needs to fly!

Ok, I know I’m jumping the gun a bit here. Ever so slightly. The spring blossoms have barely fallen off the trees yet! I was sorting out some boxes of research and came across these two images from my collection of old photographs. The first image is so beautifully composed. I like the movement. The ball looks like a freeze frame eclipse hovering over the stylish girl’s head. White bermudas and a leopard print halter. Perfect. I also like how the black buttons on her shorts echo the ball. Then there’s the texture of the sand… It just says summer: carefree, easy, playful.

The second image makes me think of white wine and seafood on a marina in Southern Italy. Or Lake Garda. I really need to go on holiday this year. Absolutely gagging!