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Didn’t realise pre-collections were up already. Sort of gone off the fashion thing for a bit. Yet another round of random clothes – Natalie Massenet, founder of net-a-porter,made some interesting points about this in Industrie magazine❤❤❤. Something about the increase in yearly collections offering designers more flexibility and freedom to design. How did she put it? You could do the 1950s one week and move on to mods in 2, if that’s what got your juices flowing. Well, not quite like that and I’m with her on offering the consumer more choice. HOWEVER, quite frankly, we designers liked the old way of twice yearly collections. Spring-Summer, Autumn-Winter. Simple. Perfect. Symmetrical. Economical. Precise. And the chance to actually have a holiday rather than 2 days at Christmas. We had time to think, time to be inspired, time to… doss about, actually. But oh, those buyers had to go and ruin it all for us! Now they moan that they’ve got too many frocks to flog. EH?

Anyway, I digress. Back to resort collections flowing into Style punto com. Sarah M. where are you this season BTW? You always do YSL. Always! Anyway. YSL. I’m not going to go into whether or not I liked it. Who cares? However, I thought the update of the Pop Art/ Picasso-inspired pieces from the 70s via a bricolage of lace and print was well sly! [SLY. YSL. Geddit?] Just joining the dots . . . . . Fashion etymology, so to speak. BRICOLAGE. I’m quite liking that word. Sort of an upmarket collage, no? Hmmph.

OOOH, actually reminds me of a post I never got round to doing on Hannah and James and their tent at the Salone Mobile in Milan earlier this year and the article based on Bricolage in the FT “How To Spend It” Magazine . Coming right up. I’m breathless. Quelle horreur!