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Flicking through last Sunday’s The Observer’s supplement and I came across this article by Alice Fisher. Initially, the vitriol rose, nostrils flared – bull, red flag, boiling point. But in all fairness I was a bit judgmental. Ms Fisher’s piece is more of an Observarion. Very Observant, seeing that you would have to be blind to miss this trend. O, plaid shirt wearer, how I love thee. In the article, Topman design director, Gordon Richardson, quasi-boasts that sales of pl*!D shirts [I cannot bear to type that dirty word again] are up 540% from 2 years ago.


Pile ’em high and sell ’em cheap, Gordie. Having said that I do have to admit that I don’t mind them on girls. They can look sexy on the right sort of girl. Like Gabriella, the model, below. She wears it well but then again she’s a model and it would be criminal if she didn’t_

Gabriella, 19, Model

Oh, no. Oh, hell, no! Sat in a restaurant. Dinner. Thursday night. Probably about forty diners. Roughly a 50/50 split between men and women. I count 10 men wearing some form of plaid shirting. Enough! E basta, as the Italians say. This. Has. Got. To. Stop. If I see one more BLOODY PLAID SHIRT AGAIN I THINK I WILL EXPLODE. But I wont, of course. I will just have to grit my teeth as yet another too-cool-for-school twat saunters by, a kick in his step, a twinkle in his eye and a bloody plaid shirt on his back. It ain’t clever. No, you’re not cool. You’re just another “numty” who harbours a lumberjack fantasy and dreams of Desperate Dan showing him some man-love over a Cow Pie. Get over it. Plaid. Is. Dead. Chuck out the f*cking plaid!

I think I’ll go to bed now.