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The sculptural folds and pleats from the recent Givenchy Haute Couture collection reminded me of the work of Veronica Bailey, a London-based artist and photographer. The main subject matter of her work has largely been books and paper – close-ups of spines, pages, secret glimpses of text… One of my favourites is one from the Erno Goldfinger series [studies of books from the late architect’s library] entitled The Arrogance of Power, the name of the book by Senator J William Fulbright. From within the pages you can just about make out the shape of an envelope. It encapsulates the spirit of Bailey’s work – a universal curiousity, the human desire to want to know more. To conceal. To unfold. Secrets. Lies. Lust. Learning. Sex. Knowledge. Power_

The Arrogance of Power: Senator J William Fulbright

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