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It’s that time of the year again. And, oh, how I’ve waited!


The Missus – Burberry

There’s a sudden chill in the air. Autumn’s taking her last gusty breath. The leaves have gone from amber and fawn to gold and rust. They’re now starting  to form damp clusters of mush on pavements, back gardens and parks. Autumn’s turning ugly.

It’s the perfect time to start working those pre-winter looks. Not quite cold enough for a full on cashmere fest but getting  there. Warming up to a theme, so to speak. Hmmm, the Burberry in brown felted tweed with the subtle black, dark brown and ash plaid latticing its way over the surface. Yes, she’s served me well. A  good coat is so hard to find… the right coat, one that fits like a glove. Just as hard as finding the perfect pair of boots. This one works for me. And I’m not brown’s biggest fan.

However, I’ve had it for a few years now and the honeymoon’s sadly coming to an end. On the horizon beckons: “Not tonight, darling, I’ve got a headache.”/ cold shoulders – literally / slamming doors/ tearful reunions/ apologetic bunches of flowers/ an affair…

Yes, it’s time for a new winter lover. We probably wont meet this time around but I know what my lover will look like. Of this I’m certain…


IMG_2629Feeling grey

Layers of grey, a subtle military influence. Less trench this time… more tailored. Slightly deconstructed, perhaps. A touch of August Sander… The following images from Joachim Shmid’s Photoworks 1982- 2007  (Steidl 2007) capture the mood_

Joachim Scmid 1

Joachim Schmid 2

Joachim Schmid – Photoworks 1982-2007 (Steidl 2007)

If you find my lover let me know, tell her I already miss her even though we have yet to meet…