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Double take_

A friend sent me the link to Sam O’hare’s short film, The Sandpit. At first I thought I was viewing an incredibly realised model reproduction of New York. And then the penny dropped. This was New York – real, pulsing, alive. 35,000 photographic stills were taken to create the film which records the events of a day in the city from a bird’s eye view. A labour of love if there ever was one. There’s something about the perspective and use of light that gives the impression of looking at models. It invokes childhood memories of Lego, toy railways. Hypnotic, naive and clever.

You can view the film at:


In a way the piece reminds me of Thomas Demand’s photographs [click here to view my post on the photographer.] Whereby O’Hare creates a hyper-unreal version of the real, Demand does the opposite with his hyper-real photographs of precisely assembled paper models. They both walk the thin, grey line between fantasy and actuality. Both equally engaging.

From Thomas Demand’s Nationalgalerie

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The madness is about to begin. Let’s see in the womenswear season with some lovely images from Halston – one of the most highly anticipated shows. Where will London-based Marios Schwab take it? Will Liza approve? Questions…I really hope he pulls it off and brings direction and energy to the brand. They both deserve it. Another Balenciaga success story in the making?

A truly rare book. Happened upon it in a car boot sale. It accompanied the 1977 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The photographs are by the late Irving Penn and the introduction was penned by the irreplaceable Diana Vreeland. Some of the garments are quite famous, especially the Vionnet knotted 1930s satin sheath and her famous “4 square” dress. Others are less so. The patina of age – yellowing pages, classic typography, dainty but linear mannequins in elegant [is refusal] poses – make this a treasured possession. There can’t be many about. Especially love the way Madame Grès was referred to by her lesser known first name Alix.

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Not sure if the Vionnet retrospective is still on at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs at the Louvre in Paris. If you’re in that neck of the woods it’s a must-see. All those immaculately preserved pieces viewed en masse in one space is a truly remarkable experience. Vionnet’s always been one of my favourite designers but I just never truly understood how forward thinking she was until I saw the show. Awe-struck. It blew my mind to see how much fashion hasn’t moved on from her pioneering work. Fashion lesson indeed.

Andy Warhol: Triple Rauschenberg, 1964. From the Sonnabend Collection

I once had the pleasure of sitting on the same bench in the line-up room (Mid-town Manhattan NYPD) that J Lo and P Diddy sat when he got arrested! Claim to fame, hey! Lucky for me I was the victim that instance and not the criminal. I ended up there after waiting 4 hours to see a detective after being scammed on Craig’s List with a bogus apartment sub let. Since then found out that sub letting in Manhattan’s actually illegal so I was actually breaking the law anyway. Gawd, that place was ancient. You’d have thought that being the busiest precinct in Manhattan things would be a bit more  21st century. Nada. It was like stepping back on the set of Cagney and Lacey. They’d only had computers , at the time two years ago, for a year! Push button phones? I don’t think so. Archaic.

Anyway, whilst waiting I snuck a few photos on my iPhone. Talk about holiday pics! Never saw the deposit on the apartment. The scheming devil had fled to Peru. But I got the experience of a lifetime – got to see a real slice of New York far from the touristy breeding grounds. The posters reminded me, in a way, of one of my favourite Warhol pieces: The Triple Rauschenberg. Adios.