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Awfully clever, aren’t they those Danes [ — and Swedes?] The Øresund bridge. Have you seen it? Totes amazing!!! It snakes on for like, forever, and then, on the last stretch towards Copenhagen, bridge becomes tunnel. Whoa! All to ensure the safety of flights to and from the nearby airport. Thoughtful, aren’t they?

I like the DESIGN DEMOCRACY that is omnipresent on every street corner of Copenhagen. Its like its in their blood. Visit Illums Bolighus, the royal-warrantied design emporium in the heart of the shopping centre and swoon. It takes lifestyle shopping to another level. I came back with more than my fair share of glassware, kitchen implements and what-a-view!

My Danish mates, and I have a few, all seem to have a natural instinct for collecting ceramics. Their apartments are strewn with esoteric collections of varying forms and colours that are just so damn pretty to look at at.

And those Danes are so tall and blonde and beautiful. Like the palest of pale white beers. Almost silvery hair in the more extreme cases of blonditude! Wow! Can I stroke it? Gliding around on their bikes, blonde locks flapping in the wind. Oh, those Danes…

But for me wood wins out. You should know your design classics and if not do your homework. I came across these chairs and tables in a cafe that I can’t remember the name of. I never said that I was observant! But its a popular chain you’ll come across several times. Its the one just across from COS, on that street that leads to Illums…

They look delightful, don’t they, sunbathing?