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I apologize, once again!

No excuses this time. The Lazy Blogger has sunk further into languor’s apathetic embrace. Well, new year, new beginnings, and all that.

It so happens that I’ve been home. Real home, the Motherland, so to speak. I’ll keep the name of this country anonymous – let’s just say that its somewhere in West Africa. It’d been so long since I last went that I got scared of going – a vicious cycle that kept on spiralling out of control. The longer I left it, the more scared I got. How stupid of me. I had the best time EVER. Don’t get me wrong, it was a shock to the system but it was exactly what I needed. There’ll be more on this later but I’ll leave you with a few images till the next time I check in. 

I’m not promising anything. It might be a while…!








Zee Lazeee Blogger’s done it again. Still alive. Will be back shortly. Just need to get tomorrow’s drama at the Gare du Nord over with. Eurostar’s reassured me that their service will be quasi normal. Hmmmph, I’ll believe it when I see it.  History Repeating and all that. Will he stay or will he go? Bahhhh.

Oh, Damn it! I do solemnly swear to not neglect you for so long my dear BLOG. I made a vow that I must keep. I promise to blog if not once a day at least once a week. I must continue to BLOG or the fabulous Miss Boston, who will soon make her DEBUT on LE FIST, will KILL ME. Come to think of it, if Miss Boston doesn’t make her debut soon it wont be just the keypad and screen that’ll need dusting…

Writing in total, abject fear, from a dark, secret place, I leave you with this, a teaser. Ladies, gentlemen, midgets and trannies everywhere: