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When I started this blog last year it was out of boredom. I was bored. I was also bored with the slew of “fashion” blogs out there that tried to mimic blogs like The Sartorialist. I’ve always liked writing but hadn’t done much of it over the last decade since I started working as a designer. If I were to write a blog what would it be about? I asked myself. I tend to stay away from the fashion scene so I would probably be the last person to know what or who was in or out. I realised that I didn’t have to categorise myself. I would write about anything that interested me as a designer and as a person, share my thoughts, images, silly things that made me laugh, things that pissed me off. I honestly didn’t know if there was anyone out there that would find it of interest. It seemed like everyone and anyone had a blog. Would I be just another yapper in a Digital Cacophony? Regardless I joined the ranks…

When Kristine from The Circus Project, a German blog, contacted me it came as a bit of a surprise. She was part of a team putting together a “bookazine” with the publisher Herznote that would unite bloggers from around the world in hard copy. I found the concept intriguing but I also wondered if it didn’t go against the very spirit of blogging – total freedom of expression not confined to word counts. They were totally open to ideas and I could write about whatever subject I chose. This was some six or seven months ago.

The Circus Bookazine was launched this month and I feel absolutely honoured to have been part of it. It was quite possibly the most challenging thing that I’ve ever done. Writing within the limits of a word count takes quite a lot of self -control. You have to be so economical with words and  I had to grit my teeth during the edit and kill paragraphs I loved for the better of the whole. I have a new found respect for journalists! The two mediums are entirely different and I don’t think that one cancels the other. Circus just made things just that bit more interesting_

Thank you, guys!


PS My piece is about food and fashion.