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Francesca Bertolini

…Sotto il Prossimo


There’s something quite special about going to the barbers. Its a ritual that seldom changes. 30 minutes or so of peace and quiet, of total trust. You build a relationship with your barber. He understands you – exactly how you like your hair cut, your beard trimmed. And you understand him. You know exactly when to tilt your head backward or to the side, when to pull your lips inward so that he’ll have the perfect surface tension to tend to your moustache. Words seldom have to be exchanged. You understand each other.

An intimate relationship between two men that doesn’t involve sex. Possibly.

Francesca Bertolini understands this. When she gave me a copy of her beautiful book, “…sotto il prossimo“, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The images you see here are a study of this relationship and she likens the quickness of a barber’s hand to the delicate, rapid beating of a butterfly’s wings. Exquisite.