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New Glamour In Your Life_

I came across these the other day, a series of photographs of Chanel packaging and cosmetic campaigns from the 20s through 50s. With Peter Phillips’ animation of Chanel cosmetics hot off zee press it seems quite timely to go back to the original Design Classics.

More so tan (sic) the clothes the graphic identity of Chanel never seems to date. Drool.


Trust those Italians to add more than a dash of sex appeal even when trying to sell you manure! I thought these were hilarious. Our green-fingered faceless lady has digits as perfectly manicured as her bed of geraniums. This is the country that gave us Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Nancy dell’Olio and Donatella Versace after all.

La Dolce Vita indeed.

These would work brilliantly as an ironic make up story. Very Stepford wives on holiday in Tuscany. Our Lady in her garden. Let’s not beat about the bush. Wink wink.

The man himself, Carsten Nicolai_

This is quite possibly the most beautifully designed record ever.

As well as his music, Carsten Nicolai/ Noto/ Alva Noto also works as an artist. The two disciplines are two sides of the same coin – one aurally captures the diagramatic nature of sound whilst the other translates sound in the tactile and visual mediums of installation art and sculpture.

See also Mikkel Metal, Raadiq, Matthew Herbert_


A doorway I came across today. Love the retro typeface, how the different blues contrast with each other, the colour of door and the yellow of the text. Also love the graphic quality the metal grid lends and the dynamic between the resulting rectilinear forms, the yellow dots and curviness of the typeface. Its almost as if the whole thing was plotted on graph paper_

Doesn’t that deep blue scream Yves Klein?

Yves Klein: Blue Cup, 2006

And all those lines Mondrian?

What better way to usher in the new menswear collections than with a tribute to Oscar Wilde’s  A Picture of Dorian Gray? The novel was reissued Four Corners Books in a magazine format entitled “A Young Man of Extraordinary Personal Beauty”. The cover is in an unusual shade of sky blue but I’ve presented it here in monotone. I treasure it so much that I still keep it in its original cellophane sleeve. The artwork was by Gareth Jones and the book was designed by John Morgan.

Dorian Discarded: Unknown painting that resides in the toilet of the Clark & Reilly Gallery, West London

After reading Cathy Horyn’s insightful piece about the relevance of the internet and fashion’s somewhat lackadaisical response to this I thought I’d post some screen captures from some of my fave websites. They’re not all fashion or necessarily break the mould but they’re all well executed and give a real sense of what the brand is trying to convey_ [Perfect – you’d imagine the Hermes site to be so stuffy. It isn’t] [You just want to stay there] [Super informative and interactive] [Brooklyn-based store – want it all so badly…] [Wrong but what other way could the Margiela site be?] [Witty and approachable for an art world site] [Just lovely]

As white as the driven snow…Clean lines. White on white. Minimal, simple and oh, so chic. Just the way I like it. The lovely white folder icons can be downloaded from Look for Coloured Folder Creator Pro. About $5. Go on…

Just click the command button + i key on the desired folder you’d like to change to open up the information panel. Drag the new folder art of choice onto the folder icon on the top left hand corner of panel. Easy.


Thomas Demand


Thomas Demand has a great name. Demand. Perfect. Thomas takes brilliant photographs. Thomas made my heart stop in the middle of Zwemmer’s on the Charing Cross Road on Wednesday. Thomas surprised me. Thomas’ very beautiful new book posed gracefully for me on my bed this morning. Thomas builds paper models based on images he has seen, moments from the past, snapshots from the media. Thomas then photographs these intricate reconstructions – works of art themselves – and shows them in galleries. Thomas is very talented. I bet Thomas is very handsome. Thomas, will you marry me?