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The Sweetest Thing_ This is the best show since The Wire. I absolutely love this! Definitely warms the cockles and leaves you feeling well… quite gleeful, really. Tender, funny, clever… could go on forever! Its like the final, logical outcome of generations of celluloid Teen America. It draws the line from Grease, Fame and Hairspray through to screwball comedies like Porky’s and more recent films such as High School Musical. The songs are brilliant, acting solid, characters loveable, script ingenious. Not usually my cup of tea this sort of thing but I’m hooked. F**king ACE.

Perhaps it’s because the spring-summer pret-a-porter womenswear collections have now come to an end that I’m starting to think about menswear. He isn’t the most obvious muse for autumn-winter but something feels right about Telly Savalas. That straight-talking, no nonsense Noo Yoicker addi-tood… so manly… That glistening, magnificent orb of a perfectly formed, razored scalp…sooooo manly. Yeah, big daddy, bring it on home! Papa’s got a  brand new thang. Telly, we salute you. Just a hunch.