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Ah, well. A complete change of tactic. From abject seediness to dewy-eyed poignancy in one quick swipe of the bluetooth keyboard_


It does what it says on the tin. Readers submit a picture of their mother along with a few lines to accompany the shot.

Its a simple and elegant concept that somehow navigates the schmaltz to produce something quietly, powerfully beautiful.

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I don’t want to come across as arrogant, dismissive, self-righteous or just plain uppity but hey, why not? It’s Monday_

Here goes. Fashion blogs that are just rife with uploaded editorials are my bête noire. Done. Said. But I’m not quite finished yet. OK, so Dear Perpetrator,

You obviously have at least one functioning eye. How else could you see all those darn lovely glossy magazines in RD Franks? You must have fingers too. How did it feel to run said fingers over all those glossy covers? How did it feel to hear Natasha P. whisper: Buy me, buy me, buy me…? It felt good, didn’t it? Really good as you got home and spread out your paper treasures on your bed in your bedroom in a converted council block flat just behind Bethnal Green Road. And you certainly must own a scanner too. How else could you upload those images onto your blog, doing so with great care to make sure the pages were properly aligned? I tell you what; if I want to see the entire Prada spring campaign or that David Sims shoot from Lala Magazine I’ll pop down to the shops myself and buy a copy. OK?


See Like Me made me eat my words. I saw the error of my ways. I’ve checked it out ever since the Lovely Lauryn alerted me to its existence last week. You see, they don’t just Scan ‘n’ Slap. They make discerning choices and interview the models. A very clever idea. The usually silent model is given a voice. And they lay the images out quite nicely, thank you very much. So Darling Perpetrator, watch and learn. Style and Substance can go together. Now let that scanner have a little rest, will you?