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BEEN A WHILE… QUITE A WHILE. AH, WELL, WHAT BETTER excuse to shake off the cobwebs, fold away the dust sheets and pull back the blinds than a spanking new store? LET THE F**cking light IN!

Those clever Swedes at ACNE unveiled their first Blighty-based store in London yesterday. Tucked away on Dover Street,  a hop and a skip away from the eponymous Comme des Garcons mecca, are four floors devoted to selling ACNE. Just ACNE. Only ACNE. Yummm!

What I love about ACNE is that despite its cool aesthetic and edgy clothing that skirts the right side of not looking too try hard is that it has a sense of humour. Its, what the word, AFFABLE. Yes, that’s it. Its also affordable – not in a Primark buy the whole lot for a tenner kind of way but in a way that seems justifiable for a designer label. Quite modern. Clothes and accesories you can lust after but also not balk at the price tag.

I got roped in by that talented friend of mine at The Willow Shoreditch to help with the displays. Check this out: 5 ginormous floral “helmets”,  oversized specs, bow ties and epaulettes bedecked in garden fresh blooms AND a gazillion of the hunkiest male models around. I didn’t think twice. This most definitely wasn’t work. No indeedy.

I especially liked the cut off shorts. So gay! Bless, those boys. I wouldn’t like to be in their Oxfords, facing fashion’s fiercest with a glass of something sparkly whilst wearing some sort of sixties bonnet covered in hydrangeas! Thumbs up!

PS. I also loved the Helmut Lang eagle sculptures on the top floor gallery space. How cool is that?

Check out my post on them from last December: “BLACK IS THE COLOUR”