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Fractured. This is my favourite piece of cinematography. Hands down.

Nicolas Roeg’s 1973 chiller “Don’t Look Now”, starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, is a study in restraint. I like the way the story unfolds gently, gaining momentum towards a creepy climax which, despite its now comedic impact, induces giggles of the nervous kind. The film stays with you for a long time. Its in parts love story, tragedy, murder mystery and horror movie, all this set mostly in Venice! I rank it amongst my all time favourite films.

I don’t normally look to film for inspiration but there’s definitely meat in this one. Visually alone there’s a contrast between the faded grandeur and slight seediness of Venice. Water is a leitmotif throughout, from drowning, rain and the canals, as well as the colour red. The red coat of a dead child. The use of red reminds me of Almodovar  or M. Night Shyamalan’s “Sixth Sense”. The film is famous for the love scene which is interspersed with shots of Christie and Sutherland getting dressed_

Julie Christie glows throughout the film. Her fragile beauty is unbreakable amidst all the gloom and sadness. She also sports a natty piece of tailoring in one of the scenes. The sleeve head is a feat of engineering and bears a resemblance to those Christophe Decarin made famous at Balmain a few seasons ago. The proportions are perfectly judged and I like the lean silhouette and how the jacket is paired with a dark roll neck.

The scenes I found most creepy were the more suggestive ones that hinted at something darker . For instance, the one involving the elderly sisters that start off being harbingers of evil but end up being guardian angels. This is perhaps one of the cruelest things I have ever witnessed on film. The younger of the two parades the elder, who is blind, around Venice wearing mismatched socks. So cruel. Mind you, the blind elder sister is supposedly psychic so she should have “seen” it coming! Very Prada, all the same_

A famous Hollywood actress that never seems to age commits suicide by jumping in front of a train. Plastic surgery. Illusion. Disillusion. Ill-fated love…What’s there not to love about Fedora? Brilliantly camp. Remember watching this with a hot cup of cocoa in my PJs, aged 9 – no wonder I turned out the way I did! She bears a striking resemblance to the Lady You Should Know from the previous post, no?

They don’t make ’em like they used to…