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Rem Koolhaas and 5 other partners are behind the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), one of the leading architectural partnerships in the world. A while back I did a post about the Prada lookbook which is art directed by OMA. They also do the show production for the Prada group as well as exhibitions and installation projects.

A recent one is the Transformer in Seoul, South Korea. A temporary space that can literally be rotated onto different sides of itself to convert its purpose. You can view more pictures of the Transformer and other projects on the OMA website and on the Prada Transformer blog.

PRADA Pdf AW 09 2

Drafted this post last week so a bit out of date. Fashion moves too fast! Anyway_

“Something you might not be aware of… a little secret… not sure if I want to share it…What the heck. Go to and download the lookbook pdf. Genius. Catwalk images, backstage shots and all other types of randomness are cut and spliced into digital collages, drawn over, obscured, warped and generally f*cked up. All cleverly done by those lovely people at AMO.

PRADA Pdf AW 09 3

PRADA Pdf AW 09 1

Its hit and miss. When it works its fantastic. Surprising images that are sometimes better than the ad campaigns. Sometimes.

Oh, that Miuccia is a very clever lassie, isn’t she?”

Now for the REAL news_

Prada has a new book! Have I had my head stuck in sand or something? How did I miss this tasty little morsel of goodness? PRADA. BOOK. ABOUT. BLOODY. TIME. Buy it online on their website. About €100. Bargin. I know what’s gonna fill my stocking – Prada waders – this Chrismas. Feast your eyes on this, well, veritable feast. Way, way overdue…

Oh, that Miuccia is a very clever lassie, isn’t she?