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The sculptural folds and pleats from the recent Givenchy Haute Couture collection reminded me of the work of Veronica Bailey, a London-based artist and photographer. The main subject matter of her work has largely been books and paper – close-ups of spines, pages, secret glimpses of text… One of my favourites is one from the Erno Goldfinger series [studies of books from the late architect’s library] entitled The Arrogance of Power, the name of the book by Senator J William Fulbright. From within the pages you can just about make out the shape of an envelope. It encapsulates the spirit of Bailey’s work – a universal curiousity, the human desire to want to know more. To conceal. To unfold. Secrets. Lies. Lust. Learning. Sex. Knowledge. Power_

The Arrogance of Power: Senator J William Fulbright

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Thomas Demand


Thomas Demand has a great name. Demand. Perfect. Thomas takes brilliant photographs. Thomas made my heart stop in the middle of Zwemmer’s on the Charing Cross Road on Wednesday. Thomas surprised me. Thomas’ very beautiful new book posed gracefully for me on my bed this morning. Thomas builds paper models based on images he has seen, moments from the past, snapshots from the media. Thomas then photographs these intricate reconstructions – works of art themselves – and shows them in galleries. Thomas is very talented. I bet Thomas is very handsome. Thomas, will you marry me?