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Screen shot 2009-10-02 at 03.17.23C’mon Zac, is there really any need for this? Is there?

Pourquois you decide to singe our retinae with such drivel? I mean, c’mon! Why? Why? Why?

What made you think that maroon and hubba-bubba pink were a good coupling? Love the way you’ve emphasised this visual horror by not only placing it on the striking Alek Wek but by also “teaming with a theme” [Kath and Kim speak] via the use of pink lippy and cast-off earings that look like they’ve been dug up from the depths of Joan Rivers’ jewellery box. In pink. With pink shoes – less peep toes, more through the key hole. Pink talons. Pink shag pile.

Wont even get started on the lattice work…

Or the off-to-one-side novice hemline. You can do better. Well, try to, please!