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Bob’s sister is the original Good Time Girl. Like Bob, she hails from the land of leprechauns. There must be something in the water over yonder. Bob’s sister likes to dress up. She believes in dressing for the job you want and not the job you have. Vintage Gaultier for the office? Pourqoui pas? Absolutely. Fabulous she is this sister of Bob. She likes to party. She has emergency outfits at the ready. Hence, she could rustle up an outfit in 10 minutes flat when I called her last minute to be my plus one at a Hallowe’en party. That takes skill. That’s the sister of Bob for you – always prepared to have a good time. God bless her.

Another late night in Paris. It was early on in the evening, not too busy just yet, the edgy fashionistas, Eurotrashistas and Big-walletistas/No-personalitistas hadn’t swamped the club. You could actually feel the air conditioning – this was back in July and Paris wasn’t quite a deadzone just yet. Just liked the way the lights looked and the starburst-y effect the crappy camera on my iPhone gave.