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Fundamental to a good collection is inspiration – pulling together seemingly abstract concepts and images into a coherent process of thought. Recording a great album is no different. On listening to These New Puritans’ new album, entitled “Hidden”, on the 277 bus to meet a friend for dinner last night I found myself smiling. Smiling because I recognised a familiar piece of classical music on one of their tracks – Drum Courts/ Where Corals Lie. Clever.

Said piece of classical music happens to be a favourite of mine – the Dame Janet Baker, Sir John Barbirolli and the London Symphony Orchestra’s recording of Elgar’s Cello Concerto: Sea Pictures – “Where Corals Lie”. Emily Mackay’s review of the album  in NME cites “hints of Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’ in the whispered menace and unflinching rhythms.” Nah, Emily, go wash your ears, love! I also get touches of Bjork’s Vespertine, the tribal beats of The Creatures, semi-gothic Drum and Bass, Pink Floyd and Marilyn Manson. It’s like winetasting; stripping back all the layers. I’m coming over all Oz Clark! Inspiration_

Its a really brilliant album. 2010 is shaping up to be another great year for music. See also, Vampire Weekend’s Contra.

Oh, Charlotte, Je t’aime beaucoup…You’re so cool…

Got a thing for French girls. My muse, if I were to describe her, would read like this: 5′ 9″ , size 10, dark hair [the hair has to be dark], pretty but with a strong nose that throws things off a bit,  strong, weathered hands that she moisturises constantly to no avail, really good posture, leggy, quite shapely calves, smokes quite a bit, only wears scarlet lippy when wanting to make an effort, loves a stiletto pump or 87.5 [she mysteriously lost one shoe during a boozy night in Le Baron], can sometimes be a bit slack with “trimming the foliage” down below, wears L’eau de l’eau by Dyptique  but isn’t too keen on bras or knickers, for that matter… Kind of a Charlotte Gainsbourg kind of girl, really. Oh, and she detests French manicures [how bourgeois!] and diamonds. Give her a hunk of silver any day…

La Gainsbourg is back with a new album! How long I’ve waited for this. I loved 5:55 [probably the exact time she lost that pesky pump] and now this: IRM. Opening single, Heaven can Wait, threw me a bit at first. It’s a change in direction, more acoustic sounding. A bit like Feist’s turnaround between Let It Die and The Reminder – Leslie Feist is another one of my muses. Similar sort of girls really. Well, looking forward to purchasing the new album – just downloaded the single off iTunes. Have a listen to IRM at Its a grower. Definitely gets the thumbs up from me. Sound of spring?

Will dig out photo credits later and update post. messed around with a few of the images anyway.

Boy Wonders

The 80’s is an endless wellspring of forgotten hits, long lost gems and faded genius. This really takes me Back To The Future quicker than Michael J. Fox. My older brother loved Imagination and played their records, vinyl I might add, endlessly. I found myself humming Body Talk the other day and before I knew what was happening I was downloading their back catalogue on iTunes… More to colour code I guess…

Working on a gorgeous playlist featuring Imagination, Sade and The S.O.S. Band amongst others. It’s the 80’s all over again but not in an electro-trashy sort of way. This is the real deal, what the 80’s were truly about. Freedom of expression in every sense, relentless experimentation, new technology – the birth of the Compact Disc especially, pushing boundaries, honing a craft to perfection, fantasy and, well, Imagination. These guys put the fierce in Fierceness. Watch and learn.

Body Talk

Very Best of

See also: Body Talk, Changes

Liking these tracks at the moment. Most, if not all, can be downloaded on iTunes. Check them out and let me know what you think. LFN

1. Welcome Engineer_Benjamin Brunn_König Und Drache

2. The Passion_Kiloo & Phonique_The Passion

3. A Forest_Bat for Lashes_Perfect As Cats: A Tribute to the Cure

4. We Are Facing the Sun_Sascha Funke_Mango

5. Grand Ideas (Prins Thomas Radio Edit)_Lindstrøm_Where You Go I Go Too – Incl Prins Thomas Edits

6. Drophere (Featuring Madita & Özden Öksüz)_Dzihan & Kamien Orchestra, Madita & Özden Öksüz_Live In Vienna

7. The Big Exit_Editors_In This Light And On This Evening

8. Love_Air_Love 2

9. Thief of Hearts_Madonna_Erotica

10. All’s Not Lost_Thomas Dybdahl_Thomas Dybdahl

11. Memories_Material_One Down*

12. Storm Returns_Prefuse 73_One Word Extinguisher

13. The Copenhagen Experience #2_Anders Trentemøller, Copenhagen Collective, Dj Djuna Barnes, Mads Nørgaard & Rework_The Copenhagen Experience #2

14.Moonlight In Vermont_Willie Nelson_All the Songs I’ve Loved Before

*Memories features vocals by Whitney Houston before she became, well, Whitney Houston. Gorgeous.