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Would you like me to seduce you?

Miss Faithfull came on my iPod this morning – it was on shuffle – and I thought to myself, Oooh, hello! If I was a lady of a certain age I would like to be a little bit like Marrianne Faithfull. That husky voice is so damn sexy. All she needs to do is talk, let alone sing. And “Broken English”. Bloody great record. She’s up there with La Rampling as one of my muses. Without coming over all gerontophile [?], like a reverse Anna Nicole Smith, there’s something to be said about the smouldering, knowing sexiness of the more mature lady. I guess if you make it that far you’ve seen and done it all. You know yourself and know exactly what you want and how to get it. Confidence. I’m in love_

László Moholy-Nagy

The Boys From the Bauhaus_ Merging craft and technology with a singular style. Western Industrial versus Eastern Promise. The way to go.

Team László

Louis Vuitton, Neil Barrett, Bottega Veneta, Maison Martin Margiela, Raf Simmons


Johannes’ Witnesses

YSL, Givenchy, Rick Owens, Jil Sander, Christian Dior, Raf Simmons (again)

Johannes Itten

Images: bauhaus archiv, magdalena droste, taschen, 1998

They say that the camera never lies. Not true. What you see isn’t always what was. Also, what you don’t see can sometimes be as beautiful or interesting. At a lookbook photo shoot for one of my clients last summer I spent a few idle moments taking photographs of the studio space – Spring Studios on Curtain Road, London.

The light was perfect – natural, bright and crisp, streaming in through the expansive windows_

Mad About the Boy

Zach Condon has a band called Beirut. You could quite call Zach a nerd and I’m sure Zach was called all sorts of things prophylactic in high school due to his surname. But we wont go there. Zach’s music is very good. Sort of Eastern Europe Slovenian folk pop. Quite tender. Sometimes tinged with melancholy. Zach plays amongst other things, the ukelele, accordion, glockenspiel, and mandolin but perhaps not the fiddle. I’m sure that he could if he tried. Zach should wear  Prada next winter. A lot of the looks seem like they tumbled out of his wardrobe. Zach seems like a very nice guy.

Oh, Charlotte, Je t’aime beaucoup…You’re so cool…

Got a thing for French girls. My muse, if I were to describe her, would read like this: 5′ 9″ , size 10, dark hair [the hair has to be dark], pretty but with a strong nose that throws things off a bit,  strong, weathered hands that she moisturises constantly to no avail, really good posture, leggy, quite shapely calves, smokes quite a bit, only wears scarlet lippy when wanting to make an effort, loves a stiletto pump or 87.5 [she mysteriously lost one shoe during a boozy night in Le Baron], can sometimes be a bit slack with “trimming the foliage” down below, wears L’eau de l’eau by Dyptique  but isn’t too keen on bras or knickers, for that matter… Kind of a Charlotte Gainsbourg kind of girl, really. Oh, and she detests French manicures [how bourgeois!] and diamonds. Give her a hunk of silver any day…

La Gainsbourg is back with a new album! How long I’ve waited for this. I loved 5:55 [probably the exact time she lost that pesky pump] and now this: IRM. Opening single, Heaven can Wait, threw me a bit at first. It’s a change in direction, more acoustic sounding. A bit like Feist’s turnaround between Let It Die and The Reminder – Leslie Feist is another one of my muses. Similar sort of girls really. Well, looking forward to purchasing the new album – just downloaded the single off iTunes. Have a listen to IRM at Its a grower. Definitely gets the thumbs up from me. Sound of spring?

Will dig out photo credits later and update post. messed around with a few of the images anyway.