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Ok, this is just plain wrong. Je suis a little bit pissed maintenant so why I’m blogging I have no idea. In the vein of my recent mannequin fixation I’ve been saving this one for last_

Not many people might know of a late 70’s tragi-flick involving plastic surgery and new identities called “Fedora” – there’s a post in that, I tell you – but this little lady reminds me of it. She is actually a mannequin, her head constructed 15 years ago out of wadding by my adopted modelista grand mama… Over the years, her and the girls in the ateliér thought it would be quite funny to customise this  rather unusual piece of head work. You see, she comes in v.handy when trying to fit a hood. Why not add lips, a pair of sunglasses and a protuberant nose? Perfect nonsense. Isn’t she… lovely?

I like the idea that a dressmaker’s mannequin holds a memory of every garment draped over it. The markings are like tattoos recording the passing of time, each gossamer line like a thread of silk, a strand of hair… A fibreglass and cloth Joan of Arc. Each rip is like a war wound_

Helmut Newton


Schirmer/Mosel, 2000

Helmut Newton’s “The Naked and The Undressed” series are my favourite photographs of his. The 80s poses of the models caught mid-movement must have been a technical nightmare to shoot. The humour is cutting as identical images of the models clothed and unclothed (still fully accessorised, mind you) are juxtaposed. Naked, the models seem lifeless, like mannequins in a window display that had yet to be finished.

I was chatting to some models at a shoot last week and it was interesting to hear their thoughts on nudity. It seems that once they hit professional mode it doesn’t really matter. One of them reasoned that she’d never see most of the people on a shoot again anyway, less so any passers by that spied her changing outfits by a wide open window. Whenever I fit a dress on a model its strange how they almost stop being human to me. Suddenly the garment takes precedent. Tired of standing in heels for hours on end? Tough titty, standing flat ruins the line of the dress, sweetie! Ouch, did I just pin you again? Wont be the last time, haha! I’m not a sadist, really. LOL

* * *

Vogue Paris’ obsession with the Helmut Newton oeuvre is quite clear – hard-edged, hard-nosed 80s dominatrix rock chick couture maven. The “L’éternal Fantasme” editorial from the November 2009 issue pays blatant homage to Newton. His “Big Nudes” series from the 80s centred around two shop mannequins called Georgette and Suzette photographed at different locations in Paris. Faux flesh The line between real and fake was blurred even further when Newton shot both live model partnered with fake. In cold blood_

L’éternal Fantasme

Réalisation_ Julia von Boehm

Photography_ Cédric Buchet

Vogue Paris, November 2009