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A post in two parts.

Boy in Jacquard

(a) Oxford Circus

Something strange happened the other day. I came out of Oxford Circus tube station to meet a friend in town and felt an odd sensation… I wasn’t being pushed and shoved, snaking my way towards the crossing to head over to the Top Shop side. Eh? Is the credit crunch really that bad now that people have completely given up on retail therapy? What with Crimbo ’round the corner? Where were all the tourists – especially the Italians; there seems to be a lot of Italians in town these days. Seeee, siamo al Oxforrrd Streat. Andiamo al Topshopp. Che belllooo (i’m allowed to poke fun after having lived there for a while and had the fun poked out of me.) Anyway, I digress. There’s a spanking new crossing at Oxford Circus. They’ve widened the pavement and added a diagonal crossing too. So you can now go from Nike Town to Benneton (not sure why you’d want to) or H&M – “hashem”, as my dear Italian friends call it – to what ever that shop is on the other corner, the spot that used to be Shelly’s many moons ago. It’s genius. Why didn’t they think of it earlier? No more bottle-necking. Yay!!!

(b) Boy in Christmas Cardi

Not much to say here. Just thought he looked quite sweet.