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Gomorra 1

I’ve been to Naples a few times and it is one of my favourite places in Italy. There really is no other place like it. Taking a taxi is taking your life into your own hands! There’s an amazing market on the outskirts that many fashion houses and vintage store-owners go to get their fix. Everything’s piled high and you’ve got to dig deep. Found the most beautiful sun-bleached nappa blouson there. However, you’re warned to leave the moment the market finishes for your own safety. Now I know why…

Gomorra 10

I really don’t want to say too much about this film. Watch it. It took me a while to get round to it. Perhaps you’ve read the book. I haven’t but I’m planning to. It’s one of the most powerful films I have seen in ages. It centres around the Camorra, an organised crime network based in the Province of Napoli, in Southern Italy. Whereas a lot of “maffia”  films tend to glamourise crime this is as hard-hitting and realist as it gets. In fact, there is a scene where two twentysomething “knob heads” reenact scenes from Scarface that’s very tongue in cheek.

Gomorrah is an incredibly violent film albeit done with a solid dose of realism – nothing is gratuitous. You really feel like a fly on the wall. Incredible acting. The whole thing is done so matter-of-factly that at the end of the film I found myself thinking: God, people really do live like this.

The author of the book, Roberto Saviano, is under police protection. He seriously pissed some people off and Umberto Eco’s called him a national hero.

For me, as always, I was drawn to the powerful imagery in the film. Take a look…

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