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Gawd bless the iPhone! Can’t remember what it was like before it. All you Blackberry snobs out there who somehow see yourselves as a superior species for not falling for the glossy but apparently shallow charms of the iPhone are just jealous. And here’s another reason to be jealous – Grindr.

A very good friend of mine recently alerted me of the existence of this application. He alerts me of most things this very good friend of mine.

“Grindr? What’s that?” I enquired, simultaneously thinking:

(a) This has got to involve sex in some way.

(b) Oooh, hello.

My suspicions were right. The premise is a simple one. You can view any members of the “Sisterhood” in your neighbourhood with the Grindr App on their iPhone and chat. Sort of Gaydar crossed with Facebook. It tells you exactly how far away from you they are but not precisely where so no need to worry about bunny boilers. Very clever. Have I had any luck? Well, yay and nay. There was the cute Spanish guy I bounced back messages with until he decided to go all hair-dressery on me. No offence but not my thing. Then there was Bernie157 – 1½ miles away – a rotund chap with a fondness for bunnies and simmering pots. Blocked.

The most promising turned out to be a stuffed toy – well, that was his profile pic. Odd, I thought when he sent me a message but things quickly went down the cute and cuddly route rather than weird. Great sense of humour until he revealed that he’d approached me under a different guise. Not Bernie157!!! No way, the crafty bugger!! Turns out it wasn’t. Phew! We went on a date a week later and haven’t heard back from him since. Ah well, you win some you lose some.

I’ve decided to give Grindring a rest for a while. You tend to get the same people on. I’ll wait a bit till some new fellas move into the area or convert to the iPhone. In the meantime its the bountiful joys of Channel4 on Demand for me – back episodes of 10 Years Younger, Come Dine With Me and You Are What You Eat on tap. No contest.

Curious to hear your Grindr stories, dear reader.