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OK, we all get a bit of spam mail. They’re demon seed; evil things that clog up your inbox. Usually, they’re from Nigerian “bankers” promising untold riches if you surrender your personal details. Yeah, right.

This one just came though and has a different slant:

Dear Future Saint,

Thank you for all your hard work and giving so much of your time and love to this needy world.  Please forgive the SPAM. Jesus might ask me at my judgment why didn’t you send e-mails.  Unrepented parents are truly “the poorest of the poor” when abortion strikes.  Contaception is a grave sin and is the root of abortion.  Please take a look at [OMITTED WEBSITE – stem the madness so to speak] and the attachment.

Repenting is the answer.

Stem cell God bless you.

And you too, mate.