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About bloody time, that’s what I say! Just downloaded Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In the Name without even listening to it first. Might be jumping on the sonic bandwagon but me does not care, sweets. The Chronicles of the Desperate Climb of a Tweeny Twerp called Joe Mcelderry. Blaaahhhh.

Enough of this senseless aural torture, of having to listen to glorified departure lounge music Every. Bloody. Crimbo. As some whiney, desperate newly crowned “Star” gives their bloody tonsils a workout in criminal bid to get to number one. Go on RATM, I’m right behind you. At least you’re a real band and not some obnoxious creation from the bowels of Simon “Lucifer” Cowell & Co. Jeeez, its enough reason to bring back public execution at the Tower of London. Off with his HEAD!!! Now that would make my Christmas No.1.

Don’t even get me started on the human mop that goes by the name of Cheryl…

I am something Livid!

[Actually, more to come on Crispy Cole and her Dubious Wardrobe Decisions]