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‘Tis the season to be jolly, etc, etc.

How best to celebrate than by paying homage to fashion’s Literary Golden Girls? The Trinity: Sarah “La Mower” Mower [], Suzy “La Quiff” Menkes [The International Herald Tribune], Cathy “Whats the 501s” Horyn [The New York Times]? Gawd bless ’em. Where would we be without their kind, soothing and sometimes reproachful but always insightful words? Eh? I wait with bated breath for a whole new year of reviews and critiques. Take it away girls!

Jingle belles, jingle belles…

Santa’s Angels

Have a good one, dear reader

Le Fist

PS: How AMAZING would a Vogue cover a la Naomi, Cindy, et al be? Anna, are you listening?