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OK. There are enough street style blogs out there — who knew the streets were so stylish? Note to self: GO OUT MORE! Not to worry; things aren’t about to change round these parts. So he says before going all Hanneli on yo ass!

However, in response to my previous tut-tutting at Mr Jacobs-Louis — there goes my chance of ever working for him, ah, well!! — I thought I’d share with you these pictures of my cousin. Gorgeous, isn’t she? And the dress!!!  As fresh and cooling as a tall glass of something naughty by the pool. You know, its amazing how something so simple, easy and not at all expensive can pack such a punch. Just a printed cotton dress. Amazing print, though.

I was just totally inspired by her natural sense of ease and style. No air-brushing or knowing, I’m-gonna-do-my -best-Freja pose. No terrible weaves [check out Zina Saro-Wiwa’s inspiring piece for the New York Times on the subject of black women “Transitioning” to natural hair. Click here], no make up, hair beautifully sculpted into a bun, minimum accessories — you can just about make out her printed canvas bag which contrasts beautifully with the blues.


It does make you wonder, doesn’t it? Enjoy_


If you’ve been down Hoxton Street  [quickly becoming the new Redchurch Street — more on that later]  then you’ve probably seen her. Dark hair, zingy, colour-loaded outfits usually including at least one  shade of neon, accessorised with a smile and sometimes her infectious laughter.

Shiba Huizer always makes me smile. We got to know each other whilst I helped my friend set up his shop, The Willow, last year.

Shiba also, always, carries her big camera around with her. At first I thought she was some sort of street style blogger. It turns out that she was in fact completing her final year as a Masters photography student at University of Arts London. Shiba is also Dutch. That could explain her fondness for florals!

Anyway, she just facebooked me about winning the Best in Class Award at her graduation show and the images you see here are proof that Ms Huizer is a name we’ll be hearing more of in the future. A lot more.

These images were shot in the Caribbean and they just blow me away. You could draw comparisons with fellow Dutchwoman Viviane Sassen’s “FLAMBOYA” series but I think that would be selling Ms Huizer short. Similar subject matter, yes, but  what I get from Shiba’s work is a distinct sensuality and a wry eye. There’s a sense of campy fun no doubt  but her approach to colour, light and the grace of her subjects makes the images warm and just a pleasure to look at. Well done Shiba! Love it.

Its been a year already. The Willow Shoreditch, an unbelievably beautiful shop in Hoxton, London, owned by one of  my closest friends, is a year old today. What I love the most is the attention to detail in everything he does. Nothing is over-worked and everything comes beautifully packaged. Apart from flowers, The Willow does great salad boxes feshly prepped each morning, super-tasty cakes and seriously good coffee. And let’s not forget the one off objects, unusual vases and special collaborations with graphic designers, artists and photographers. Definitely worth checking out.





Ah, well. A complete change of tactic. From abject seediness to dewy-eyed poignancy in one quick swipe of the bluetooth keyboard_


It does what it says on the tin. Readers submit a picture of their mother along with a few lines to accompany the shot.

Its a simple and elegant concept that somehow navigates the schmaltz to produce something quietly, powerfully beautiful.

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