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The circus has rolled in once more, along with it the usual cast of characters – ringmaster, clown and magicians. As with any circus there is always The Good, The Bad and the Damned. OK, I made the last one up but “ugly” is a subjective thing. One man’s Beautiful is another’s Rodarte, ouch!

Anyway, I’ve got some ideas for posts on fashion week. One of them will be what I call The Barbie Syndrome –– female designers objectifying themselves. A bit like the Mugler fetishization of women in the 80s in reverse_

Well, its like tumbleweeds a’ rolling round these parts.

Talk about ghost-writing!

Yes its been a while for sure. A lot has happened in the last few months since I last clickety-clacked my trusty keyboard. Most of it good. Pretty much all of it good. Moving home, new projects and lots of amazing personal developments. But that hasn’t been the only reason I stopped blogging. To be honest, it had become boring. There’s an information overload out there and it can make your head hurt. I’ll hold my hand up as being a cyber-vulture with the best of them, preying on the “deadflesh” of informed/uninformed writing, the speculations, the egoistical self-portraits of sweet-nothings fawning at their own self-fabulousness, stylists who seem to be more interested in self-styling than styling anything else. I could go on. But  that’s a narrow-minded stance to take. There is a lot of good out there: good-bloggers, great design, great people. Sometimes you have to take a step back.

Anyway, I hope my mojo comes back. And my preposition foibles. And my typos.



Kiss all the pretty ones goodbye
Give everyone a penny that cry
You can throw all my tranquil’ pills away
Let my blood pressure go on its way

For my autumn’s done come

My autumn’s done come. Done come

Lee Hazlewood, 1966