1. Le Tango, Rue Maire


Edith Piaf used to sing there. Now a Tea Dance/ Cabaret/ Trash Pop Night is held there every Saturday.

Out with the guys last weekend. Lots of odd couples going for it like their lives depended on it.

Good to see. They shoot horses, don’t they?

“G” could hardly contain himself when the Mariah Carey-esque tranny came out, nose shaded in like Beyonce to slim it down, help it stand out. Great fun!

2. Jeu de Paume, Place Concorde

Met up with “B” to go see the Kertesz retrospective. Beautifully sunny day. This city’s so incredibly beautiful.You find yourself catching your breath sometimes.

Looking over the square, with the Jeu de Paume behind me, I loved how the Luxor Obelisk echoed the Tour Eiffel in the distance. There is a precision to the vista of trees outside the museum, a bit like the ones at the Palais Royal. Really like the J de P as a space. It feels a little informal, approachable. The exhibition is HUGE. Definitely going to see it again. Too much to take in one go.


3. On the way to Prada

Stood on the platform at Bonne Nouvelle, waiting for train to Alma – Marceau. The grid lighting overhead reminds me a bit of a movie set. I like the contrast between the industrial design against the white tiles and ornate frames on the posters.

A few smokes at a cafe off Avenue Montaigne overlooking the Tour Eiffel with “N”.

Prada is heaving. A woman that looks like/ might be Shala Monroque is trying on shoes too along with “N”. The winter collection looks great. They know their customer well here at Prada… Clothes that work for monied professionals that want a play on classics without being dull.

Loads of Americans with loads o’ CASHOLA in their pockets swing great big white carrier bags out the shop into the rain.


4. On the Terrace at


Sat with “N” on the rooftop terrace. Its gorgeous up here. The whole of Paris spread out in front of you. The shoes didn’t quite fit at Prada.

We have Ceaser salads out of plastic tubs. Tres chic. Its cold and overcast. But at least its stopped raining.

Later we head off to Uniqlo to check out the new +J Jil Sander collection. There’s a massive queue outside. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll wait till London. Not that desperate.




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  1. October 17, 2010

    Are these your photos? They are gorgeous.

    • October 17, 2010

      Yeah, babes. Over here now. Wandering around taking it all in. Guess its a way for me mates to keep track of me.

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