Bad girl_

I’ve had these for years.

I  can’t remember whether I bought them at San Donato market in Milan or at Port de Vanves in Paris. Anyway, I’ve always found this Little Miss intriguing.

To be honest, she kind of

Scares me!

I saw the Kertesz show yesterday at the Jeu de Paume but more on that later. It reminded me of my archive of vintage photography. I sort of stopped buying them a while back but I think I’ll start again.

The thing with vintage photography is that it leaves you wondering what happened to the subjects, what sort of lives they led, how long they lived, and so on.

Its a

lost art.

Most of us store pictures on our computers and mobile phones and print them out less and less.

I wonder what sort of heritage we’re leaving for the future?

There is something special about this sort of quotidian photography. Its very mundaneness makes it arguably a more honest record of the passing of time than professional photography.

Its spontaneous, tangible, honest

and tells it exactly like it was.

How we were_



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