1. Mickeyland Exhibition.

Organised by the A4 Collectif. Raucous mix of the clever, sublime and downright nonsensical. Kitschy fun and very timely. Quite naughty in parts. Witness Corine Borgnet’s Mickey dildo meets Pinocchio.

Unfortunately the expo closed last week.

2. Andre Kertész Retrospective.

One to definitely see next week. Loves a bit of photographic distortion, me does.

3. Frolic and Frappe

“B” getting up to no good in the Powder Room, chez Little Italy on rue Rambuteau. Head waitress Samantha really needs to smile. I go there for a plate of parpadelle and not her angst.

You’d have better luck charming a smile out of a constipated sow.

4. Le Bon Marche

Lady Boston’s Louboutin contribution to the Numero magazine and Le Bon Marche collaboration during fashion week. A who’s who of fashion had a window each to decorate.

“B” worked out who the man with grey hair and floor length worsted kilt-aloons that we saw at the party was.

Faisal Hassan, owner of Plein Sud. Go Miss Marple!

5. Place des Vosges

Hanging out with “C”. Unexpectedly gorgeous day. She’s collapsed on the grass taking a nap. Post-show fatigue. I mentioned that we should have gone to the Alaïa sample shop in the Marais. I’ve never seen anyone jump up so fast. It was like she suddenly realised that someone had stuck a rocket up her jacksy!

“Let’s GO!!”

Forget the flight she had to catch, girlfiend needs herself some Alaïa.

And she hit it hard, she did. All investment pieces, babes. Its all about looking professional, looking expensive. The Business.

I think I should consider a career in personal shopping. Helping people personally buy things for me…



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