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Colucci Edizioni, 1980

Sam Haskins is KING. I fell in love with his work last year when I came across his book African Image, in a bookstore in Paris. I posted some of the images from said book [click here to view] and they have received the most hits on this blog. Its pretty clear that I’m not alone in my appreciation. Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with him last year and the result was Fashion Etcetera, a special edition book collating a broad selection of his work from his expansive career.

I’m in Paris again – if anybody knows of any one bed apartments going do let me know – and I happened on an exhibition of his work at the Libraire Ofr. on rue Dupetit-Thouars after dinner. I was so bloody excited. And scared. I’m weak when it comes to books and try to avoid bookshops. Naturelment, the moment I walked through those doors I knew I’d be leaving a few hundred Euros poorer…

Its a great expo. I wasn’t familiar with his calendar works and they’re hung simply in the gallery space at the back. Bloody gorgeous. I’m not sure why I find that 60s softcore vibe so alluring but I was totally hooked. The compositions are quite extraordinary. And the colours! Its quite evident how influential Mr Haskins has been. You’d be hard put to open up a fashion magazine and not see it. With our reliance on digital photography and Photoshop© its just awe-inspiring how Mr Haskins was ahead of the curve, using old school print techniques to create these lush, graphic photo-montages. And narrative. Each image tells a story. But they’re all interlinked by one precise vision. AMAZING_


Calendars and Other Stories

8 July – 22 August 2010

Ofr Bookshop, Libraire, HQ

20 rue Dupetit-Thouars (Carreau du Temple) 75003

I walked away with an original copy of PhotoGraphics and Fashion Etcetera. Now all I need to get my greedy paws on are November Girls, Cowboy Kate and the calendars book.

Oh, Damn it! I do solemnly swear to not neglect you for so long my dear BLOG. I made a vow that I must keep. I promise to blog if not once a day at least once a week. I must continue to BLOG or the fabulous Miss Boston, who will soon make her DEBUT on LE FIST, will KILL ME. Come to think of it, if Miss Boston doesn’t make her debut soon it wont be just the keypad and screen that’ll need dusting…

Writing in total, abject fear, from a dark, secret place, I leave you with this, a teaser. Ladies, gentlemen, midgets and trannies everywhere:


BEEN A WHILE… QUITE A WHILE. AH, WELL, WHAT BETTER excuse to shake off the cobwebs, fold away the dust sheets and pull back the blinds than a spanking new store? LET THE F**cking light IN!

Those clever Swedes at ACNE unveiled their first Blighty-based store in London yesterday. Tucked away on Dover Street,  a hop and a skip away from the eponymous Comme des Garcons mecca, are four floors devoted to selling ACNE. Just ACNE. Only ACNE. Yummm!

What I love about ACNE is that despite its cool aesthetic and edgy clothing that skirts the right side of not looking too try hard is that it has a sense of humour. Its, what the word, AFFABLE. Yes, that’s it. Its also affordable – not in a Primark buy the whole lot for a tenner kind of way but in a way that seems justifiable for a designer label. Quite modern. Clothes and accesories you can lust after but also not balk at the price tag.

I got roped in by that talented friend of mine at The Willow Shoreditch to help with the displays. Check this out: 5 ginormous floral “helmets”,  oversized specs, bow ties and epaulettes bedecked in garden fresh blooms AND a gazillion of the hunkiest male models around. I didn’t think twice. This most definitely wasn’t work. No indeedy.

I especially liked the cut off shorts. So gay! Bless, those boys. I wouldn’t like to be in their Oxfords, facing fashion’s fiercest with a glass of something sparkly whilst wearing some sort of sixties bonnet covered in hydrangeas! Thumbs up!

PS. I also loved the Helmut Lang eagle sculptures on the top floor gallery space. How cool is that?

Check out my post on them from last December: “BLACK IS THE COLOUR”