Pound shops. Don’t you just love ’em? Everything on sale for just a pound – ish. They always seem to have just what you’re looking for.

The other evening I was walking along Hoxton Street when I noticed a crowd of people stood outside a shop, knocking back the vino, chatting, laughing, carrying gaudy paper bags. Another art gallery, I thought. I was kind of right. It turns out that it was the opening night of The Poundshop, a pop up store that sells everything for a pound – posters, cards, screen-printed note books and other nice little things done by the creative East London set. Not your typical pound shop, then!

Its a great concept organised by HOUSEHOLD. Just when you thought that you’d pop a vessel if you saw yet another pop up store. I especially loved the “till” – sheets of paper with photographs of the objects that the cashier marked off after each sale. A bit like noughts and crosses. Clever. I walked away with a couple of posters and some cutlery dipped in primary-coloured rubber. Borderline naff but I just thought, Breakfast in a sun-filled kitchen. Ah, domestic bliss! They would have been quite Margiela Homewear if they’d been dipped in white. Mind you, I saw one of the Margiela wine bottle lamps the other day. €450.00! No way! No f*cking way! Well, maybe…

The Pound Shop, Hoxton Street. Open till Monday

visit: www.house-hold.org



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  1. May 16, 2010

    What a brilliant idea!! Love the cardboard boxes too!

    windowshopperstyle.wordpress.com/ x

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