Queen Vic, on the cover of a magazinnnne

Soz. I’m away from my desk at the moment, so to speak. Some thoughts on New York fashion week_

Victoria Beckham: Top marks. Classy. Really loving me a bit of VB. Really great clothes. Very smart lady. Loved the fact that she let the buyers in on what she’d wearing to the Oscars. I wonder what the best-selling dress will be?

Marc Jacobs: Been gagging for Mr Jacobs to go back to his nineties roots when a pleated flannel skirt cost about $2000. Luxe frump. Really, really, lovely.

Rodarte: Jury’s still out for me. Nice colours, lots of clever styling but still struggling to see the clothes.

Alexander Wang: His T-shirt lines more on the money for me. I’m not convinced on how this qualifies as high end. Too many gimmicks obscuring an interesting concept. Lace, chenille, pinstripe and velvet. A bit student-y for my liking. Soz. too cool for school. And how do you make Natasha Poly look fat? See exit whatever it was.

Altuzarra: Assured and well-executed. A bit hard-edged but there’s nothing wrong with going your own way if you can pull it off. And he did. In spades.

Halston: A bit of a let down. Early days and all that but was really rooting for Marios Schwab. I’m not sure how relevant Halston is as a brand. And parts of the collection reminded me too much of Hussein Chalayan’s work. It didn’t feel luxe. I’m not sure. Need to muse over this one a bit.

Catch ya later.

Thank you, style.com for the images!



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