Ok, this is just plain wrong. Je suis a little bit pissed maintenant so why I’m blogging I have no idea. In the vein of my recent mannequin fixation I’ve been saving this one for last_

Not many people might know of a late 70’s tragi-flick involving plastic surgery and new identities called “Fedora” – there’s a post in that, I tell you – but this little lady reminds me of it. She is actually a mannequin, her head constructed 15 years ago out of wadding by my adopted modelista grand mama… Over the years, her and the girls in the ateliér thought it would be quite funny to customise this  rather unusual piece of head work. You see, she comes in v.handy when trying to fit a hood. Why not add lips, a pair of sunglasses and a protuberant nose? Perfect nonsense. Isn’t she… lovely?



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