Qu’est ce que c’est? Là, sur la commode blanche…

(untitled): Its all non-scents

Maison Martin Margiela [MMM] are about to release a new frah-granse, I hear. (untitled) its called. Apt. I wonder what it’ll smell like? Contender for my Diptyque fetish? Who knows? Actually, I would have been quite excited by this in the past but ever since Marty put down his sketch pad [white], popped his pencil back into the pencil pot [white] and hung up his lab coat [white] I feel somehow short changed. Yes, I know he probably had not that much to do with design towards the end but… MMM’s now akin to a custard cream biscuit without the cream, a little bit dry. They still do great things, don’t get me wrong. I’m there every season at the store fixing my MMM habit – apart from S/S 2009 which was a little off the mark, for me. Margiela’s secrecy and shying away from the public eye, his invisibility, made him vital to the brand. A faceless face.

Who know’s, maybe this is the ultimate disappearing act. Pretend you’ve left while you never really left anyway. Everyone thinks you’re not there but you are, smirking from the shadows. Smoke and mirrors. Stranger things have happened.



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