First Love_ I got my first grown up bottle of perfume, proper perfume, not Lynx body spray, when I turned 14. My parents decided it was time I smelt like a man. My first manly olfactory indulgence was a bottle of Calvin Klein Obsession. This was the early 90s and you couldn’t get much cooler than that. We had a lot of fun together, my Obssession and I. Our gardener liked it and I liked that because I liked our gardener a lot. My parents weren’t aware of this teenage crush of mine, of course, and the seductive powers of that first bottle of perfume. Obsession was the horse to my Lady Chatterley, or was that Lady Godiva? How I mourned that final amber squirt

Obsessive Behaviour: Smells like a teen spirit…

Current Obsessions_ I dallied with the Comme des Garçons perfumes during the first half of the noughties – Kyoto, Odeur 53, Quarzazte, Avignon . These were strong, distinctive scents that were very important in defining one’s style. They smelt different to everything else and I guess in your mid-twenties you strive to be different to everyone else. However, now comfortably lounging on the sofa of my mid-thirties, I’m a bit more comfortable in my own skin. I favour L’eau de Lierre and L’eau de L’eau [autumn-winter and spring-summer, respectively] by Diptiyque because they’re subtle, fresh and suit my skin. Easy, no fuss smelly stuff. I don’t know what it is about those two fragrances but they really get ’em sniffin’…

And one for the road_ My fantasy scent would smell like a heady mix of whisky and cigar smoke but Demeter’s Gin & Tonic comes a close second. The handy pint-sized bottle fits nicely into my breast pocket. You just never know…


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