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The 80’s is an endless wellspring of forgotten hits, long lost gems and faded genius. This really takes me Back To The Future quicker than Michael J. Fox. My older brother loved Imagination and played their records, vinyl I might add, endlessly. I found myself humming Body Talk the other day and before I knew what was happening I was downloading their back catalogue on iTunes… More to colour code I guess…

Working on a gorgeous playlist featuring Imagination, Sade and The S.O.S. Band amongst others. It’s the 80’s all over again but not in an electro-trashy sort of way. This is the real deal, what the 80’s were truly about. Freedom of expression in every sense, relentless experimentation, new technology – the birth of the Compact Disc especially, pushing boundaries, honing a craft to perfection, fantasy and, well, Imagination. These guys put the fierce in Fierceness. Watch and learn.

Body Talk

Very Best of

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  1. December 1, 2009

    I remember when I bought this album while living in Germany. This song was in heavy rotation. (Sigh) Boy do I miss the good old days, well at least I still have my memories.

  2. Le Fist #
    December 2, 2009

    Hey there, yeah, its just one of those records that you could play forever. Highly underrated me thinks!

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