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Le Fist has been a trifle busy as of late.

No, I haven’t been busy doing that… but Mes Wrists have been working hard, let’s just say. Got a few posts in the pipeline, so to speak. Wink wink. This doesn’t make sense at all, does it?



A post in two parts.

Boy in Jacquard

(a) Oxford Circus

Something strange happened the other day. I came out of Oxford Circus tube station to meet a friend in town and felt an odd sensation… I wasn’t being pushed and shoved, snaking my way towards the crossing to head over to the Top Shop side. Eh? Is the credit crunch really that bad now that people have completely given up on retail therapy? What with Crimbo ’round the corner? Where were all the tourists – especially the Italians; there seems to be a lot of Italians in town these days. Seeee, siamo al Oxforrrd Streat. Andiamo al Topshopp. Che belllooo (i’m allowed to poke fun after having lived there for a while and had the fun poked out of me.) Anyway, I digress. There’s a spanking new crossing at Oxford Circus. They’ve widened the pavement and added a diagonal crossing too. So you can now go from Nike Town to Benneton (not sure why you’d want to) or H&M – “hashem”, as my dear Italian friends call it – to what ever that shop is on the other corner, the spot that used to be Shelly’s many moons ago. It’s genius. Why didn’t they think of it earlier? No more bottle-necking. Yay!!!

(b) Boy in Christmas Cardi

Not much to say here. Just thought he looked quite sweet.

Bob’s sister is the original Good Time Girl. Like Bob, she hails from the land of leprechauns. There must be something in the water over yonder. Bob’s sister likes to dress up. She believes in dressing for the job you want and not the job you have. Vintage Gaultier for the office? Pourqoui pas? Absolutely. Fabulous she is this sister of Bob. She likes to party. She has emergency outfits at the ready. Hence, she could rustle up an outfit in 10 minutes flat when I called her last minute to be my plus one at a Hallowe’en party. That takes skill. That’s the sister of Bob for you – always prepared to have a good time. God bless her.

BobWhat about Bob?

Bob is Fierce with a capital F. Bob likes to party. Bob is the sister of a very good friend of mine who is also quite fierce. Together they make quite a double act. Bob posed for me outside Visions nightclub in Dalston. Bob was rocking an all black look with gold highlights – gold chains on her purse, gold bangles, gold rings and a Super Fierce gold necklace. Bob looked hot and Bob knew it.

OK, we all get a bit of spam mail. They’re demon seed; evil things that clog up your inbox. Usually, they’re from Nigerian “bankers” promising untold riches if you surrender your personal details. Yeah, right.

This one just came though and has a different slant:

Dear Future Saint,

Thank you for all your hard work and giving so much of your time and love to this needy world.  Please forgive the SPAM. Jesus might ask me at my judgment why didn’t you send e-mails.  Unrepented parents are truly “the poorest of the poor” when abortion strikes.  Contaception is a grave sin and is the root of abortion.  Please take a look at [OMITTED WEBSITE – stem the madness so to speak] and the attachment.

Repenting is the answer.

Stem cell God bless you.

And you too, mate.

PRADA Pdf AW 09 2

Drafted this post last week so a bit out of date. Fashion moves too fast! Anyway_

“Something you might not be aware of… a little secret… not sure if I want to share it…What the heck. Go to and download the lookbook pdf. Genius. Catwalk images, backstage shots and all other types of randomness are cut and spliced into digital collages, drawn over, obscured, warped and generally f*cked up. All cleverly done by those lovely people at AMO.

PRADA Pdf AW 09 3

PRADA Pdf AW 09 1

Its hit and miss. When it works its fantastic. Surprising images that are sometimes better than the ad campaigns. Sometimes.

Oh, that Miuccia is a very clever lassie, isn’t she?”

Now for the REAL news_

Prada has a new book! Have I had my head stuck in sand or something? How did I miss this tasty little morsel of goodness? PRADA. BOOK. ABOUT. BLOODY. TIME. Buy it online on their website. About €100. Bargin. I know what’s gonna fill my stocking – Prada waders – this Chrismas. Feast your eyes on this, well, veritable feast. Way, way overdue…

Oh, that Miuccia is a very clever lassie, isn’t she?


Boy Wonders

The 80’s is an endless wellspring of forgotten hits, long lost gems and faded genius. This really takes me Back To The Future quicker than Michael J. Fox. My older brother loved Imagination and played their records, vinyl I might add, endlessly. I found myself humming Body Talk the other day and before I knew what was happening I was downloading their back catalogue on iTunes… More to colour code I guess…

Working on a gorgeous playlist featuring Imagination, Sade and The S.O.S. Band amongst others. It’s the 80’s all over again but not in an electro-trashy sort of way. This is the real deal, what the 80’s were truly about. Freedom of expression in every sense, relentless experimentation, new technology – the birth of the Compact Disc especially, pushing boundaries, honing a craft to perfection, fantasy and, well, Imagination. These guys put the fierce in Fierceness. Watch and learn.

Body Talk

Very Best of

See also: Body Talk, Changes


Thomas Demand


Thomas Demand has a great name. Demand. Perfect. Thomas takes brilliant photographs. Thomas made my heart stop in the middle of Zwemmer’s on the Charing Cross Road on Wednesday. Thomas surprised me. Thomas’ very beautiful new book posed gracefully for me on my bed this morning. Thomas builds paper models based on images he has seen, moments from the past, snapshots from the media. Thomas then photographs these intricate reconstructions – works of art themselves – and shows them in galleries. Thomas is very talented. I bet Thomas is very handsome. Thomas, will you marry me?


This is not for the faint of heart i must warn you…

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 20.25.45

mid grey //02b- GRY

You see, colour coding’s my thing. This obsession started quite early with my grouping of my Lego© bricks by colour as a child. I’m not joking. There was no turning back from colour coding. Once you start… I am helpless in its grip, powerless…

After organizing my sizeable CD collection by colour  (to beautiful effect, I might add), my wardrobe, the crockery, my books and the spice cupboard I was running out of new victims for this Serial Organizer in me… And then one day I had an idea… I wonder if there is a way I could colour code my iTunes music library? The rewards would be unimaginable! This would be my greatest feat so far. Over 10,000 songs, thousands of album artwork covers to grade and organise by colour… I set to work. It took me about 2 months but I did it.

Instructions [Maybe pop the kettle on and have a cuppa before proceeding and think things through carefully]

1. Scroll down the “View” menu and click on the “grouping” box.

2. Grab a pen and piece of paper. Design and code your colour chart. This bit’s entirely up to you. Mine goes like this: 01-Wht, 02a-Gry (pale grey), 02b-Gry (mid grey), 02c-Gry (dark grey), 03-Blk… and then colours. I told you this was a labour of love… Beiges, taupes and browns are a nightmare!

3. Trawl through library selecting albums that fit a certain colour code whilst holding down the command key (speeds up the process – think of it as bulk buying) Then press the command and i keys for the information panel to come up. Type in the relevant code in the grouping section. The computer will learn that code so you don’t have to type the whole code every time. Things will begin to take shape depending on the size of your library. Never said this would be easy.

P.S. Don’t forget to update new purchases etc. And for those pesky album covers that defy categorization I created a “multi” code. It actually works quite well. All that chaotic colour confined to one place. Very nice.

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 20.26.39Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 20.26.19Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 20.25.12Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 20.27.38Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 20.31.49Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 20.24.04

Roses 3

Its pissing it down. Grim, grim, grim! Grey/ Drizzle/ Wet/ Damp/ Urgh!

Hate this time of the year. The Constant Wetness. Just rain, dammit and get it out of the way! I might go all Kathy Bates in a minute. Driving me insane…

Ah, well, we need a distraction, something pretty… A little reminder of spring to come… of flowers, of fields of lavender, of elderflower spritzers and big straw hats . How does your garden grow?

Roses 1


Gawd bless the iPhone! Can’t remember what it was like before it. All you Blackberry snobs out there who somehow see yourselves as a superior species for not falling for the glossy but apparently shallow charms of the iPhone are just jealous. And here’s another reason to be jealous – Grindr.

A very good friend of mine recently alerted me of the existence of this application. He alerts me of most things this very good friend of mine.

“Grindr? What’s that?” I enquired, simultaneously thinking:

(a) This has got to involve sex in some way.

(b) Oooh, hello.

My suspicions were right. The premise is a simple one. You can view any members of the “Sisterhood” in your neighbourhood with the Grindr App on their iPhone and chat. Sort of Gaydar crossed with Facebook. It tells you exactly how far away from you they are but not precisely where so no need to worry about bunny boilers. Very clever. Have I had any luck? Well, yay and nay. There was the cute Spanish guy I bounced back messages with until he decided to go all hair-dressery on me. No offence but not my thing. Then there was Bernie157 – 1½ miles away – a rotund chap with a fondness for bunnies and simmering pots. Blocked.

The most promising turned out to be a stuffed toy – well, that was his profile pic. Odd, I thought when he sent me a message but things quickly went down the cute and cuddly route rather than weird. Great sense of humour until he revealed that he’d approached me under a different guise. Not Bernie157!!! No way, the crafty bugger!! Turns out it wasn’t. Phew! We went on a date a week later and haven’t heard back from him since. Ah well, you win some you lose some.

I’ve decided to give Grindring a rest for a while. You tend to get the same people on. I’ll wait a bit till some new fellas move into the area or convert to the iPhone. In the meantime its the bountiful joys of Channel4 on Demand for me – back episodes of 10 Years Younger, Come Dine With Me and You Are What You Eat on tap. No contest.

Curious to hear your Grindr stories, dear reader.

Let me get this straight. I AM DIVA!


Deee-Vahh! You go look in the dik-sho-narree  – das how you spell it right? – and you gonna see ma face and name next to it. Bebouncey Knows. You get that, Rhhiblana? Yo, you listening girl? Tryn’a steal ma groove and copy ma stylz. Eh-eh? Whadda? You know how hard I worked to get this far? You know The Physical Determination and Undeniable Self-belief it takes for a gurl to walk out da door looking lak she just jumped inta a pool full o’ glue and rolled around in taffetta? Yeah, TAH-FETT-TAH, cupcakes. Nice an’ crispy,  like a Chrismaz Craeckr.

You jus’ turn up and try an bust ma grooves, steal ma moves. So ya think ya can dance? Whaddeva! Ah seen you move, sweet pea. Lak an old broom stuck in mud. I gots news for ya. This is a BULLET-IN. You can’t dance!!! You can’t touch ma fiercness, OK? And back off em’ tights while yo at it. UNDAH-STOOD? The Tights are Mine. All mine. Go look in da deeek-sho-nearie and you gonna see mah face and name next to the word “tights” – Bebouncey Knows. I have exclusive Rights to Tights, OK? Don’ make me kiss ma teeth. You gonna make me whip off ma weave in a minute and get nastee witch ya. And girlfriend you don’t want dat to happen. Trus’ me. I am 10 Denier’s Child. This is ma birth right yo messin’ wit.

The tights are mine, all mine!! Mine, mine, minnnnnnnnnnnnnne!!!!!

All Dat Jazz

Rhhibanala: “Yeah, whatever, chill-ax, Bee. You so extra…”

She’s back and she’s Done It Again!

All’s alright in the world. We can all heave a collective sigh of relief and yell: Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Ok, let’s not get carried away.

Doin' It Again 2

I love this lady. First of all, can she pen a right catchy ditty or what? Don’t worry, whenever, wherever, underneath your clothes, my hips don’t lie – see, even the song titles make poetry! I’ll hold my hand up and confess that I’ve on many an occasion been a bit of a Pop Snob. Eurrgh, I don’t listen to such prepubescent drivel – leave that to Saturday girls at Jane Norman (high street Spandex Specialist chain.) However, as one becomes well-esconced in their 30’s I’ve started to let my inner pop light shine a bit more. In other words, I don’t give a damn. Shaksters, je t’aime beaucoup. I will forever worship at your throne of bonkers-ness.

Secondly, can this lady dance. Actually “dance” doesn’t quite justify her Pelvic Dexterity. I’m not sure if those lovely people at Oxford have figured out a word for this yet. It’s the 8th Wonder of the Modern World. See her do verging-on-obscene, mind-boggling  things with her body on the “She Wolf” video if you don’t believe me.

And now this:-

Doin' It Again 5

Crouching tiger-hidden dragon

Doin' It Again 9

Her bed-making technique was quite unusual

Doin' It Again 1

The bed bugs gave them such a nasty fright…

Always one step ahead, La Shak has gone all Ang Lee on us. Taking Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as her cue its a battle of the sexes to see who gets to hug the duvet. High kicks, somersaults that would make a Russian gymnast jealous, raw emotion, drama, action! Never seen nowt like it in me life! If this girl doesn’t win Video of the Year, Song of the Year and, heck, Body Contortionist of the Year then we’re gonna have another Kanye Situation on our hands and we don’t want that little tyke to get upset now, do we… That wasn’t a question, natch!

Best of all, though, are the Scenes of Serenity amidst all that balletic gung-ho. La Shak has been paying attention during style class. Who would have thought it? Cult fashion photographer Deborah Turbeville’s iconic sauna scene of wistful über babes in the mist has been be so lovingly recreated. Now that’s what I call Artistic Integrity. Genius!

Give the girl a hip replacement.

Doin' It Again 3

deborah turbeville

Liking these tracks at the moment. Most, if not all, can be downloaded on iTunes. Check them out and let me know what you think. LFN

1. Welcome Engineer_Benjamin Brunn_König Und Drache

2. The Passion_Kiloo & Phonique_The Passion

3. A Forest_Bat for Lashes_Perfect As Cats: A Tribute to the Cure

4. We Are Facing the Sun_Sascha Funke_Mango

5. Grand Ideas (Prins Thomas Radio Edit)_Lindstrøm_Where You Go I Go Too – Incl Prins Thomas Edits

6. Drophere (Featuring Madita & Özden Öksüz)_Dzihan & Kamien Orchestra, Madita & Özden Öksüz_Live In Vienna

7. The Big Exit_Editors_In This Light And On This Evening

8. Love_Air_Love 2

9. Thief of Hearts_Madonna_Erotica

10. All’s Not Lost_Thomas Dybdahl_Thomas Dybdahl

11. Memories_Material_One Down*

12. Storm Returns_Prefuse 73_One Word Extinguisher

13. The Copenhagen Experience #2_Anders Trentemøller, Copenhagen Collective, Dj Djuna Barnes, Mads Nørgaard & Rework_The Copenhagen Experience #2

14.Moonlight In Vermont_Willie Nelson_All the Songs I’ve Loved Before

*Memories features vocals by Whitney Houston before she became, well, Whitney Houston. Gorgeous.


It’s that time of the year again. And, oh, how I’ve waited!


The Missus – Burberry

There’s a sudden chill in the air. Autumn’s taking her last gusty breath. The leaves have gone from amber and fawn to gold and rust. They’re now starting  to form damp clusters of mush on pavements, back gardens and parks. Autumn’s turning ugly.

It’s the perfect time to start working those pre-winter looks. Not quite cold enough for a full on cashmere fest but getting  there. Warming up to a theme, so to speak. Hmmm, the Burberry in brown felted tweed with the subtle black, dark brown and ash plaid latticing its way over the surface. Yes, she’s served me well. A  good coat is so hard to find… the right coat, one that fits like a glove. Just as hard as finding the perfect pair of boots. This one works for me. And I’m not brown’s biggest fan.

However, I’ve had it for a few years now and the honeymoon’s sadly coming to an end. On the horizon beckons: “Not tonight, darling, I’ve got a headache.”/ cold shoulders – literally / slamming doors/ tearful reunions/ apologetic bunches of flowers/ an affair…

Yes, it’s time for a new winter lover. We probably wont meet this time around but I know what my lover will look like. Of this I’m certain…


IMG_2629Feeling grey

Layers of grey, a subtle military influence. Less trench this time… more tailored. Slightly deconstructed, perhaps. A touch of August Sander… The following images from Joachim Shmid’s Photoworks 1982- 2007  (Steidl 2007) capture the mood_

Joachim Scmid 1

Joachim Schmid 2

Joachim Schmid – Photoworks 1982-2007 (Steidl 2007)

If you find my lover let me know, tell her I already miss her even though we have yet to meet…

Celine Resort 2010

Celine, Resort Collection 2010 (Photograph: courtesy of Celine)

Gawd, I love this bag. The simple clean lines. The subtle top stitching. That very lovely deep tan colour. So inviting. And what looks like silver and gold on the buckle. So sophisticated. So expensive… Its the new oxygen…

It would look especially good on the two reigning queens of The Solid Purse: our Liz, Queen Elizabeth II and, posthumously, Joan Hickson’s Miss marple (R.I.P.) Yes, that would be the best branding excersise ever. H.R.H. Liz sporting this tempting piece of wrist candy. Wrap one up, press office and send it tout de suite to Buckingham Palace. Yes I’m aware that Celine is a French design house but think what it would do for franco-anglo public relations! I’m willing to wager that peace treaties could be signed if a good hand bag or two were involved in the process. Also, veritable Brit, Phoebe Philo, is at the helm as it were.

They wear it well, or would have…

Screen shot 2009-11-07 at 18.42.23

H.R.H. Liz

Screen shot 2009-11-07 at 18.47.06

La Marpella (R.I.P)

One of my all time favourite books. Found a first edition copy in Le Marais, Paris. A beautiful day that was…

Scan 50