What’s that old adage again? In times of economic upturn hemlines go up? If this holds true then there might be a pearlescent glimmer of hope on the horizon…

The Three Wise Men of fashion have spoken – Christopher Kane, Christophe Decarin [@ Balmain] and Rick Owens – and the future could start to look a little less bleak. A little windy ’round the er, mulberry bush, ahem, but definitley a bit more sparkly…

The Mile  Thigh Club is how I like to refer to this sartorial harbinger of better times. Hemlines that are practically necklines and, in addition, lateral slits up each thigh that Give Good Pelvic Ventilation. Oh, yeah! Let the good times roll!

Retailers around the world clap hands with glee ’cause El Cruncho seems like its finally gonna bid us farewell! Time to burn plastic again! Time to start seeing private taxis as a basic human right once more! Stay in? I don’t think so! Not on your nelly. Gonna let me hair down, slap on some lippy and slink my way into a slither of draped chainmail. Let the good times roll indeed!  Hallelujah!

[I hope I’m not tempting fate…]




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