I came across PILLET, the definitive book on Edgard Pillet and I have been desperate to have it since. Well, after a bit of online sleuthing I came across a copy of this rare book at an alarmingly reasonable price.

Beautifully printed by Editions Georges FALL in 1967, the book is a rather gorgeous catalogue of his works: graphic, elegant and surprising. Pillet’s use of colour is startling.

This one’s going take pride of place on my bookcase. Just flicking through it really picks you up on  a grey autumn’s day.


gilles rigoulet

I came across these earlier today and I had to have them!

They’re by the photographer Gilles Rigoulet and I bought them from him at his stall in the brocante on Rue de Bretagne in the third arrondissement of Paris.

They were taken in the mid 80s at the Piscine Molitor, in the 16th, just before it closed down. I find them quite witty with an extremely good eye for composition and texture. They remind me of Lartigue in a way.

The Molitor is currently under renovation after being boarded up for decades and is scheduled to reopen next year as a swishy new complex with a hotel, restaurants and medical centre.

Coming across these was quite timely then although I’m not sure if topless sunbathing and swim shorts will be allowed. Paris is notorious for its Speedo only policy! Trust me, I have to suffer this every week!!

gilles rigoulet 1 gilles rigoulet 2 gilles rigoulet 9 gilles rigoulet 4 gilles rigoulet 5 gilles rigoulet 7 gilles rigoulet 6 gilles rigoulet 10


Africa 2

David Attenborough’s new documentary on Africa simply entitled Africa, is a jaw-dropping look at the nature and wildlife of the continent from a refreshingly new perspective. The cinematography is outstanding. As always, Attenborough is as informative as he is witty. The BBC have outdone themselves. Downloadable from iTunes. And go the extra mile and get the HD version. A must see.

Africa 1